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You are here Aliwal North Battle of Aliwal - 28 January 1846

Aliwal North

Battle of Aliwal - 28 January 1846

The direction of offensive operations by the Sikh Army moved eastwards towards the end of January 1846 with a strong Sikh concentration appearing in the area around Ludhiana. A British force under the able leadership of Sir Harry Smith moved to deal with the threat that the Sikhs now presented to the British supply lines.

The Battle of Aliwal witnessed a Sikh force consisting of approximately 7,000 cavalry and 17,000 infantry, half of which were regular troops, in a defensive formation with a river to its rear. Sir Henry Smith was able to direct well co-ordinated attacks using cavalry, artillery and infantry in such a manner resulting in the most decisive outcome for the British during that stage of the war.

By late afternoon, the Sikh Army withdrew out of range having been dislodged from the two villages, which formed its main line of defence.

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